Single-use disposable instruments for spinal fusion

DTRAX® Spinal System is a set of single-use disposable orthopedic surgical instruments that provides tissue-sparing access to the spine. The system includes instruments for access, distraction, and decortication to facilitate spinal fusion.

DTRAX® Spinal System

High-quality, sterile-packaged, disposable instrument system. Brand-new instruments at every surgery ensures consistent performance and reduces risk of contamination.

A tool for every job

DTRAX® Spinal Systems consist of instrument for access, decortication, and implant and bone graft delivery. All instruments are designed for effective access and efficient functionality with minimal tissue disruption.

Access Chisel

Decortication Trephine

Guide Tube

Fork Mallet

Decortication Rasp

Decortication Burr

Bone Graft Tamp


DTRAX® Spinal System–L

Single-use disposable instruments designed to complement and simplify traditional anterior surgical options.

A new set of tools

The first and only disposable
instrument system for anterior fusion

Each DTRAX® Spinal System-L contains an awl, 4 trials, and a multi-angle driver that can drive at up to a 45-degree angle. The tip of the driver can be held at any angle to facilitate lower profile insertion, which can result in less tissue disruption.