One Small Leap for
Posterior Cervical Fusion

Designed for
Posterior Fusion...

CORUS™ Spinal System consists of instruments for access, bone preparation and decortication, bone graft application, and implant delivery for use in posterior cervical fusion.

Access Chisel
Decortication Trephine
Guide Tube
Fork Mallet
Decortication Rasp
Decortication Burr
Bone Graft Tamp

...Designed For Safety

The Only Sterile‐packaged, Single‐use Instrument Set Indicated for Posterior Cervical Fusion*

Please consult product IFUs for safety information, warnings, indications, and contraindications.

* Indications for Use, U.S.
CORUS™ Spinal System is a set of instruments indicated to be used to perform posterior cervical fusion in patients with cervical degenerative disc disease.