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Direct Visualization Portal System

DiViNE™ Portal System is intended to provide tissue-sparing direct access to the surgical site.  It is designed to provide enhanced direct visualization with the naked eye while maintaining the benefits of a tissue-sparing surgical approach.   

– Sterile-packaged and single-use for perioperative efficiency.

– Progressive dilators facilitate access to the surgical site.

– Compatible with CORUS™ Spinal Systems – indicated to be used to perform posterior cervical and lumbar fusion in patients with cervical degenerative disc disease.

DiViNE™ Portal System showing a PCSS Cage in a facet joint

Why use DiViNE™ Portal System?

Improved Tissue-sparing Access
DiViNE Portal System's progressive dilation technique and optimized size are designed to reduce tissue disruption.

Improved Visualization
DiViNE Portal System provides direct visualization of the surgical site, which can lead to more precise and efficient surgical procedures.

Reduced Infection Risk
DiViNE Portal System utilizes small incisions and a controlled surgical exposure designed to reduce the potential for risk of infection compared to more invasive surgical techniques.
The DiViNE Portal System has applications for the creation and maintenance of an operative cavity to directly visualize an operating or examination area of the patient's body. The device may be used in all types of surgical procedures requiring retraction of tissue.
Please consult product IFU for safety information, warnings, indications, and contraindications.
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