Shigeru Tanaka | Providence

Shigeru Tanaka

Vice President, R&D

Shigeru brings over 20 years of product design and development experience, focused on medical devices. He has been involved with Providence since its early days, first in his role as Director of Engineering at Speck Design where the first device was developed, and now as a member of the Providence management team. Shigeru has worked in companies such as General Surgical Innovations, Sanarus Medical and Spinal Kinetics, and also in design consulting with Teku Medical Solutions, Speck Design, and Prospect Health.

Shigeru’s goal is to apply Product Design sensibilities to medical device design and quickly bring well-designed products to market that will benefit both the patient and the user. His work is reflected in over 30 issued US patents ranging from general surgery instruments to spinal implants. Shigeru holds a BS in Product Design from Stanford University.

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